An innovative process
Highly Competitive

A unique fusion technique of light alloys that expects the application of a very high pressure on the liquid material during the solidification phase.

The technology is particularly indicated for the production of:

Suspension components, braking-system parts, mechanical supports, etc. (automobile sector).

Triple clamps, rocker arms, engine supports, pistons, connecting rods, etc. (motorcycle sector).

Products of aluminium alloys obtained with other fusion techniques.

Properties Liquid Forging Process

Liquid Forging Process




• Melting Furnace

• Degas

• Filter

The complete exit of air contained in the mould is assured from the slow entrance of liquid metal and the “airs” purposely created.

The compactness of the metal during solidification permits the attainability of the desired shape considering the passage from the liquid to the solid state.

The density of the product is superior to any other traditional fusion process (gravity or high-pressure die-casting) and equivalent to hot-forging.

The production cycle, completely automatic, is granted from the technical solutions adopted on the machine’s lay-out.

Cycle time much inferior to Squeeze Casting

(rapport 1:2.5).

Conventional Extrusion Process


• Melting Furnace

• Degas

• Filter


• DC Cast

• Ultrasonic inspection

• Homogenization


• Scalping

• Preheat

• Extrusion

• Press

• Straighten & Cut








Quality, Versability, Highly competitive!

• Structural soundness

• Porosity free

• Dimensional tolerances tighter than hot-forged products

• Possibility of heat treatments

• Excellent micro-structure due to the rapid solidification following a forced cooling of the mould

• Apt for any type of light alloy, including magnesium (6082, 7075, 2014, A356, AlSi 4.5, AlSi9, Magsimal, Silafont...).

• Possibility to produce parts with inserts.

• Possibility to obtain complex geometries.

• Possibility to produce parts with weights ranging from 40 g to 10 kg.

• There is no scrap!

• The precise quantity of liquid metal becomes the part.

• Possibility to create multi-shaped moulds with consistent reductions of cycle time.

• Possibility to have different shapes in the same mould.

• Cost positioned between gravity die-casting and high pressure die-casting.

Cost reduction

The Liquid Forging cost is lower than that of the gravity casting process, offering in addition better quality and mechanical properties and a higher productivity.

The comparison shows the cost in euro for the item produced in the different technologies.


Bear in mind the highest costs for high pressure die-casting, gravity and low pressure due to 100% impregnation, or a scrap variable from 6% to 20%.


The X-Ray images illustrate the compactness of transmission cover, the absence of porosity, micro-porosity, gas intrusions, creeks and crystallization.

(Common properties to the whole mass production)

Percentage of structural soundness of the product created in Liquid Forging.









Mechanical properties

The material hardness results equal to 64,5 – 67,5 HBW5/250, as a consequence of the absence of heat treatment. 3 cylindrical probes were taken from the casting (Lo=5x diameter), submitted for traction tests according to the standard of the automotive manufacturer, with the following results:

The material shows a minimum elongation value comparable to the expected value for the same alloy casted in semi-solid (thixoforming), acc. to tab. 53231. From the casting 5 more probes were taken for the Charpy resilience test without carving; the test (acc. to table 50130) produced values of 43-52 J/cm2, very high for an aluminium casted alloy.

Microscopic control

The micro-structure on the casting surface results very fine as a consequence of the very fast liquid metal cooling.

The solidification of the interdendritic eutectic micro-structure appears very finely modified.

The core’s structure has a very high dendritism, with average DAS values of about 18micro, sign of a very rapid cooling rate of the alloy.



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