Toecap Geometry

The new geometry of Toecap is widely within the target limit and it doesn`t show any risk of rupture. Peak of stress and strains are better distributed than before.

Material distribution

In a given design space material is distributed in such a way that under certain constraints specific objectives are met.

Weight reduction

With a weight decreasing of 8g, it represents the best compromise between weight and performances.


(-14,3 %)

Plastic Strain section coutour map

The plastic deformation is maintained superficial during the whole phenomena. Only in the rear edge of the original geometry there is a point with minor risk of break.

Aluminum Avional

-1.186 mm

-3.501 mm

-1.841 mm

With topology and shape optimization process, structural parts are identified which do not contribute to the components behavior.

Von Mises Stresses contour map

Plastic Strain contour map

• You will be more competitive with us.

• We are the only company which produces small toecap sizes, also women can wear shoes that are safe and light, enabling them to use also in an office. Our toecaps are twice as light even  more than stainless steel,and are less bulky than plastic but at the same time very strong.

• We produce 4 types of toecaps form size 5 to 12 it  making it easy for your to choose the correct  toecap from our range of designs and samples.

• We are able to produce personalized toecaps , producing shoes that are comfortable and at the same time very elegant, because of our updated technology.

• It will be easier to produce shoes as our toecaps are made from melted alloy permitting a stable form of a tolerance of 0,1mm rather than 0,4mm or even 0,7mm  as our competitors.

• Our technology enables us to use materials only where it is necessary avoiding any extra costs, also to  reduce  weight. Our lightest toecap is 52 grams and the heaviest is 68 grams.

• We are the only producers that use common alluminium alloy with a stable cost on the market. Our company guarantees stable production and reliability with an  increases of  30% every year.

• Every year, for our and your safety we destroy over 15000 toecaps due to technical tests.

• We also have experience in transporting all over the world.

• If you need help we will respond promptly and we will resolve any problem that occurs

• We prefer to perform well from the start without wasting time and recourses without carrying out too  many practical tests. This is why we design our toecaps with CAD and we double check with FEM technology before we produce the mold. We try out the endurance of the toecap and if necessary we make modifications to achieve the ideal performance.

• We manufacture our own molds using only high quality stainless steel, we try them out directly in production to assure capable productivity. At the completion of our productive batch we check all our molds, and clean them if necessary we carry our inspections with our specialized personnel.


• We completely produce the alloy in aluminum only using the best quality. In our laboratory we analyze using chemicals on every batch of aluminum alloy produced. We store for many years our analysis data.

• We manufacture all our toecaps in the company and we weigh them as soon as they are produced .Only toecaps of the precise weight will proceed in production, because weight  is our main warranty. We guarantee the weight with a tolerance of +/-3,5 grams.


The simulation has been carried out in compliance with the European test regulation; the toecap has been positioned tangent to a 90° square, the impactor with a weight of 20 Kg is made of a wedge 90° shaped with a 3mm of radius in the impact area. It is released from a height of 1m with an impact energy of 200 J.

Density 2.72 g/cm3

Tensile Strength, Ultimate 395 Mpa

Tensile Strength, Yield 230 Mpa

Elongation at Break 14 %

Modulus of Elasticity 71.0 Gpa

Poissons Ratio 0.330

200 J impact energy

3 mm radius impact area

20 kg weight

90° shaped

100 cm











• All our models are certified with the EN 12568;2010 regulations by CIMC specialized in material for shoe production applications.

• We keep destroyed toe caps for over 2 years, finally completing a report form with the results filing them for  future information.

• CWe test run the completed product in company, and in every production batch we put through 80 pairs of toecaps of every size with with crash test o 200 joule.

• Before shipment the packages are checked by specialized personnel, this procedure garantees no scart.

• We can plan our shipment from 36 hours minimum to three months or over

• On customers request we can prepare all technical information, regarding alloys, date of production and the results of crash tests.

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